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Slow sloe gin

Gin is something we do really well here. I'm using Plymouth Gin for this recipe but you can use whatever you like. So when it comes to fancy gins infused with fancy flavours. Sloe gin is the original, where it goes everyone else follows.

If you make it in the autumn, you will have a lovely drink for Christmas.

Finding those sloes

This is the first time I have managed to pick the sloes in our allotment. I think I picked them a touch too soon. You're supposed to wait for the first frost. Well it was the end of September and the sloes were there on the tree. So I picked them. However, to recreate the first frost I put them in the freezer. See frosty sloes image above. I don't know if they know any different.


450g/1lb sloes

225g/8oz caster sugar

1 litre gin


1) If you have frozen your sloes, take them out and de-frost.

2) Pick the tough skin of the sloes all over with a clean needle and put them in a sterilised jar or bottle.

3) Pour in the sugar and the gin, seal tightly and shake well.

4) Store in a cool, dark cupboard and shake every other day for a week. Then shake once a week for at least two months.

5) Strain the sloe gin through muslin and transfer to a sterilised bottle.

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