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The Gathering 

Creating a celebration of Plymouth Sound

Our relationship with the sea is broken...Plymouth Sound has become the UK's first National Marine Park, but how connected are we with this incredible seascape?  The Gathering project plans to create a large-scale community event that celebrates the everyday heritage of The Sound and encourages us to care for this incredible space.  This disconnect is crucial to address now in the light of climate change.

To make this happen we will bring together people living in neighbourhoods which border the water and one from the suburbs.  Working with the very best environmental, creative and heritage experts we will explore our relationship to the ocean and develop ideas for a brand new creative community event.  

An event that celebrates our maritime and seascape history and brings us closer to the sea.  There is more to our city's history than The Pilgrim Fathers and the doctrine of discovery.  Plymouth has been a fishing and trading settlement since the Bronze Age.  We want to revisit lost traditions and forgotten stories.  Working class histories, narratives of food, spirituality, survival and identity.

Through the production of community art commissions, which will become legacy projects for schools and communities alike, we'll explore what deepens our relationship with the ocean..  


These community art commissions could be anything - fish skin lanterns, giant carnival props, pyrotechnics, fire, land art, costumes, rituals, synchronised swimming..anything.

This project will build on our ground-breaking Clan-Kind project.

These commissions will then be made into an exhibition to travel around the seaboard to consult on a pilot event/spectacle for the people of Plymouth.


Our crowdfunder is live.

The Gathering is brought to you by Crowdfunder, National Marine Park Plymouth, The Box, Arts Council England, Nudge Community Builders, Plymouth Community Homes, Sovereign Housing, Local Emergencies Fund, BA Better World, Awards For All and Plymouth City Bus.  

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The Gathering

A celebration of

Plymouth Sound

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