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A community parade



Illuminate was a spectacular light parade programme for The Mayflower 400 commemorations, that we delivered from 2014- 2017, in partnership with Plymouth City Council, Plymouth and Devon Racial Equality Council, Plymouth College of Art, and  The Barbican Theatre, during this time we worked with nearly a thousand community members.

Illuminate was a procession of spectacular large scale structures and lanterns that over time developed into performance, digital art and illuminated costumes for all- creating a piece of promenade theatre, where we transported people to a magical land.  

 The Large scale illuminated structures were awe-inspiring but as we developed we felt they took away the spotlight from the parade participants, so we started facilitating illuminated costumes for all: making them “THE SPECTACLE” thereby  placing the community firmly at the centre of our work.

Although “Spectacle” was the initial aim, as we learned more about the Mayflower story and its implications on the indigenous population of the US we used the parade to “ shed some light” on the Native American perspective, which intimately led to our indigenous led project STTLMNT.



Lipson Cooperative Academy

"I had the most amazing experience working with the Illuminate team last year. They supported my students in the technique of making illuminated sculptures and gave them the confidence to produce their own work. The evening was a fantastic culmination of all their hard work and we had great fun parading through the Barbican with the sculpture. It was a great evening of sharing. Where we had over made some things there were people to hold or wear them, and the students were able to meet and learn from others. It helped some students with their A level work. They adopted techniques into their own finished pieces and many included Illuminate on their CVs. The parents who came to drop their children off stayed to join in which made it a real family event. It left us all wanting to know when the next one was."


Debbie Sweet, 6th Form Leader & Art and Textile Teacher



High View School

 "It was really good because I liked how crafty and decorative it was. My favourite part was the sticking and knowing we were going to wear our costumes in the parade." - Sienna

"I really enjoyed sticking the colourful tissue paper. Also, I am really looking forward to the parade. Soraya was very kind and was great at explaining to us what we had to do." - Mia

"I really enjoyed when we were covering the dragon fly tail and sticking the shiny pieces on. Soraya was really nice and she is a very talented artist so it was great to get to work with her." - Lillie

"My favourite part was when we were covering the wings in paint. I liked this because it was very messy. Soraya helped me by teaching me a technique of how to paint."- Dylan R

"The children have thoroughly enjoyed the project so far. We are all immensely excited about the parade and getting to wear the costumes that we have made ourselves. Working with an artist has been an incredible experience for all children and something that they will always remember. We are so pleased to have been able to be a part of this fantastic opportunity." –All the yr 3/4 teachers at High View



Arts Council England, Plymouth City Council

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