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The Gathering 

Creating a celebration of Plymouth Sound



This work curates life-changing creative experiences in Tulgey Woods for people who are at risk of becoming socially-isolated and lonely and is a partnership project with Tulgey Woods Sanctuary CIC. 


The project aims to bring together people who wouldn't normally meet including the elderly, people from the Black & Global Majority community, young people aged 16 - 25 and people from both sides of the valley (Mount Gould

and Mannamead) and economic demographic.


The original idea was to create a trans-generational micro-nation/clan/kinsfolk group for the woods and collaboratively curate a series of exceptional experiences and events tied to the seasons and biodiversity of the space.


The project aims to place the elders at the centre of this group. All events will have embedded in them the five ways to wellbeing Connect, Learn, Be Active, Notice, and Give and evaluate participants wellbeing using wemwebs.


There will be a weekly event running across 2 years and is inspired by micro-nations and migration, cosplay and heritage.


Every activity will be sustainable and fit with the ethics of permaculture. (Permaculture works with nature instead of against it. In the wild, ecosystems regenerate on their own and are self-maintaining. Permaculture practitioners observe these natural processes and recreate them on their farms or in their backyards).


Tulgey Woods, a year ago became enclosed because of antisocial behaviour(suicides, arson and fly-tipping). This group will problem-solve how to bring more people into the wood whilst respecting its fragile biodiversity. They will create all the activities in partnership with Tulgey Woods CIC and The Conscious Sisters CIC which is the lead organisation.


Activities could include creation of large-scale willow structures for birdwatching/meditation moments, A Planters Feast where everything including the tableware is made from the woods, A Tulgey Wassail replete with themed costumes and improvised ceremony to fit the space all devised by the group. This journey will bring people together combating loneliness and isolation with innovation and creativity.


If you live in the Mount Gould, Lipson or Mannamead areas of Plymouth you can apply to join this project.  There currently is a waiting list. 

Email us at

Rank Foundation and Livewell South West, Devon Community Foundation, Plymouth City Council via community grants from local councillors Angela Penrose and Charlotte Carlyle

Katty Bray images of our Trefusis Park Wassail
Foraging followed by a picnic lead by Tess Wilmot
image by Katty Bray
Leaf hammering is one of many creative exercises  image by Katty Bray
Learning woodland skills and maintenance  image by Katty Bray

Being Well in the Woods

Harnessing the healing power of nature

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