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Recalibrating through Motherhood with help from the sea

By Jenni Newling

I’ve never regretted getting into the sea for a swim but always regret when I don’t! I have to tell myself that every time I put my toes in and it feels freezing. Despite swimming in the sea since May 2019, when I was training for a Channel relay (still can’t believe I did that) – I still have to trick myself into getting into the cold. I tell myself I’m getting into the warm sea and it’s all in my head, if I think it’s cold, then it will feel ever colder. Once I’m in, I can’t stop smiling. I’m not that bothered about

actually swimming, but love bobbing around. Plymouth is amazing for that, having the pontoons to swim to makes it an adults’ playground in the sea.

In 2021 we had a little boy, and having a baby has meant less sea swimming for now. But I’m always so impressed with my body, how it remembers and deals with the cold water despite long periods of not going in.

Going for a sea swim does feel like a faff, especially with a toddler. It requires planning and preparation! But when I’m in the water, I remember the me that I’m still missing since having a child. I know I will find that me again but for now, it’s so nice now I know where to find her, in the sea smiling.

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1 Comment

Annegret Ward
Annegret Ward
Aug 06, 2023

What a beautiful picture! And great to be reminded of being a child in the sea xx Thankyou xx

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