the conscious sisters

The conscious sisters is a socially engaged arts company based in Plymouth, UK which produces unique art projects working with and for the community.  Work is produced by actual sisters Karen and Fiona Evans. Karen is a hugely talented multi-media artist with extensive experience of working with issues around inclusion and Fiona Evans is a photographer/film maker and producer with a reputation for delivering innovative projects of quality.   


The sisters love collaborative working with communities and specialise in work that explores identity, drawing from over 40 years of experience of inclusion and race work.  Post Me Too the Conscious Sisters is developing work that challenges the patriarchy.  As an organisation it aims to interrogate and raise the standard of community arts practice in the South West of the UK.   

Working in a non-pretentious and accessible way is key for the conscious sisters who believe with a passion that art can transform lives.

Currently the conscious sisters are working towards a radical installation build in Central Park in Plymouth to mark 400 years since the pilgrim fathers landed on the shores of the US.  Settlement is a partnership project with Cannupa Hanska Luger and it will explore the work of a host of super talented indigenous artists from the States.   Watch this space.


Have a look at the work the conscious sisters do work and if you like what you see why not pick up the phone?   They would be delighted to chat through any project ideas with you, big or small.    


"Art projects produced with passion and love."



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