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“I would, without reserve recommend Karen for any creative teaching role. Karen is a patient and committed teacher, displaying good emotional literacy skills and an ability to ensure success for all who work with her no matter their skills base. Karen is extremely talented and can turn her hands to all creative pursuits from large willow modelling to fabric and theatre costumes to mosaic design and creation”..

Lisa Evans, head of School, Beechwood Primary School.


Art in schools? us biased but we think there should be more of it ..not less.  Like Bob and Roberta Smith we believe that all schools should be art schools.  Our passion is to produce wonderful art projects in schools which help the children flex and grow their creative muscles...learn to solve problems and think outside of the box.  Instilling confidence into children and a chance to have a clean slate..... to be seen with fresh eyes is central to what we do.  


If you are looking for a smart way to use pupil premium then look no further.  A super quote that sums up the importance of arts as an intervention for children that are falling behind comes from Jeremy Newton CEO of The Prince’s Foundation for Children & the Arts "The earlier a child's engagement with the arts, the more likely they are to develop vital skills such as communication, analysis, confidence and teamwork. These skills can help pupils better engage with the mainstream curriculum, stimulating their own creativity and critical faculties and can help them to break the cycle of deprivation."  


The Conscious Sisters are old hands at working in a school environment. We have facilitated projects and one-off workshops with Primary Schools and Secondary schools all over Plymouth. We are both trained teachers so working in a school environment is not a problem.  If it helps we are both TEFL qualified so if you have children for which English is not their first language then we have mechanisms that can support them in their creative endeavours.


Fiona delivers CPD for teachers on film making, using ipads for media, radio production, bespoke radio feature making and podcasting.  Using film for literacy and language learning is a module we can also share with your staff. 


Ultimately we love working with children and enjoy this special opportunity to share our skills and vast experience in arts and media.  Working closely with teachers projects can either be initiated by the schools or through other organisations.  Even if you only have a seed of an idea..give us a ring and find out if we are right for you.  An amazing new arts project could be a phone-call away. 




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