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Out of the Blue

By Lucy Jane

“It’s only 250 words” I keep telling myself as I sit down to reflect on 13 years of living, studying and working in Plymouth. A unique city with its own wonderful way of feeling more like a relaxed coastal town than a buzzing metropolis.

So why is it so hard to sit down and write? Maybe because true to form she provides ample choice of leisure activities before or after work is done that constantly draw you in.

Never once on the school run before heading to work at City College Plymouth did I not take the opportunity to stop at Devil's Point or The Hoe with my daughter and let my head be immersed in the incredibly beautiful coastline that provides so much respite for the cities incredibly hard working work force.

Each day of the 2.5 years I’ve been living back in Cornwall, not only have I missed each of the lovely people I met when living in Plymouth but also the opportunity it provides to have a consistent work/life balance.

How lucky we were living there only twenty minutes drive away from Dartmoor and all the adventures that come with, and twenty minutes drive away in the other direction Bovisand where I watched my daughter catch her first wave on a bodyboard.

She always had a way of catching me off guard, on days where motivation was lacking in the 13 years, sometimes all it would take was a walk into the City Centre and to see her construct in a slightly different light to feel inspired again.

I didn’t get to say goodbye to so many people when I had to pack up our stuff in our Devonport flat, so here’s a massive thank you to everyone I met in that lovely creative city. We had the best time just being us in the coastal city that just allowed us to be.

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