film making, radio and podcast projects

Fiona Evans has been working in media since the nineties.  Her very first job was running a CSV media community radio project at BBC Radio Devon over 20 years ago! One project turned into four and a long committment to social action broadcasting. After that followed many years producing Radio and TV specialising in art, culture and BAME communities.  Alongside this she worked as a producer for the Special Features Unit for BBC Nations and Regions.  This passion for giving marginalised communities a voice has lasted the test of time and underpins all her work. 


She loves to share her broad range of skills with organisations and communities to produce film and media projects.  Most recently she collaborated with Symbiotic Theatre to produce a film project for Don't Mention the Gorilla.  This partnership produced "The Appraisal" a short film which explores mental health service users fear of prejudice in the workplace.  In the past she has worked on film projects across schools with both excluded and gifted & talented pupils.  She has produced films and film projects for Scope, the Eddystone Trust, ADVA, PCC Housing, University of Plymouth, Plymouth & Devon Racial Equality Council, Devon County Council and Age UK. 


Running parallel to community film projects is her art filming and Fiona has worked with TR2, The Barbican Theatre, Symbiotic Theatre, Plymouth Arts Centre, Plymouth City Museum & Art Gallery, Plymouth Music Zone, Arts Council England and many more.  The outreach work supporting British Art Show 7 - In The Day of The Comet was explored in her arts evaluation film "Lifing the Fog".


She trains teachers and members of the public in film making, using ipads for media production, radio production, bespoke radio feature production and podcasting.  Plymouth Centre for Faith's & Cultural Diversity has  worked with Fiona to produce three faith based videos for schools including "In Heart and in Action" which explores faith diversity in the city.  "Are you listening?" was a film she produced for Plymouth University Students studying social care which looked at the views of young people who had been in care.  She can also take a half decent photo given the chance.


Documentaries and promotional projects are key elements of her work.  She produced the promotional films for Devon and Cornwall Chinese Association and Plymouth's Islamic Education Trust.  


Currently Fiona is producing a documentary about two local women who are organising a marathon in the West Bank.  Future projects for the year include a commission from the British Red Cross, a film migrants and refugees will see to introduce them to our way of life.